I began creating at a young age using many different mediums including writing, traditional art, daydreaming, theatre, sewing, and dabbling a bit with cameras and camcorders. If you had asked the twelve year old with the bad haircut what she was going to be when she grew older, she would never have answered “A photographer!”, but would have shyly whispered something about being an author. (More than likely I would have shrugged my shoulders or stared at you uncomfortably wishing you would disappear.) Photography mostly fell into my lap, after a lifetime of a small interest in taking pictures (and hoarding old cameras or snapping polaroids of my guinea pigs), but never giving it a serious thought. Being a photographer was never a ‘career’. I didn’t know any photographers, besides the Lifetouch ladies and chaps who said ‘Next.’  with their dead eyes and a downturned mouth and quickly snapped my big eyed portrait. My view changed drastically after coming upon Sara Renee’s work one day during college. I fell in love and I was determined that ‘I could do that!’ and so I did. I began and the rest is history.

Growing up I raised myself with faerie tales by Hans Christian Anderson, The Grimm Brothers, and George MacDonald. My mind constantly created fantastical stories with unseen creatures and I easily became part of the story. I was a strong heroine in battle, a lost princess who was raised by wild animals, or a girl so stubborn she refused to marry and ran away to the live with the beasts of the forest. I believe in magic and I believe that I can find the magic and beauty anywhere. I try to create images that show you darkness, whimsy,  magic, beauty, and incite emotion, especially sorrow. I believe there is much beauty to be seen in melancholy. I do not think of my work as romanticizing despair, but rather showing that something beautiful can come of it if we allow ourselves to mold it into something lovely, instead of letting it take over and consume.

I am an artist, not a business. It’s been a long and difficult road to get to where I am. I create what I imagine and conjure as it is what I am passionate about. My art is a part of me, of my soul and I share it, not for applause, but because I believe it is worth sharing.

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